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Concrete Education

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Control Joints

Control joints are shallow grooves that are put in place after concrete is poured. They help manage any cracks that may occur in concrete. As the concrete hardens and shrinks, any separation usually occurs at the contractions joints where the concrete is thinner and weaker. Even with proper control joints, concrete driveways can still crack. Due to the variability of terrain and conditions, there is not a way to fully prevent or guarantee against aesthetic(hairline) cracking.
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Concrete sets or "cures" through a chemical process called Hydration. Water molecules and the cement form tiny crystals that interlock with one another and the aggregate in the mix to give concrete its strength.
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Concrete Ratings

Concrete grade is defined by the strength of the concrete and is measured in pounds per square inch(PSI). Generally, the higher the PSI grade, the more weight it can handle. Residential driveway concrete is 3000 to 4000 PSI.
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Driveway Design

Residential driveways are usually 4 inches thick. Driveways should be designed and graded to manage water runoff and prevent excessive puddling.
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