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We believe in quality, but we also believe in fair pricing. That’s why we've structured our pricing points in a systematic way. We’ve often heard, that we are not the cheapest quote our customers have received. We've structured our pricing points so that our driveway repair is most commonly priced "in the middle". We stand by the quality of the product we deliver for each customer. The saying, “you get what you pay for” is very true when talking about concrete. We have a company-wide minimum price of $4,000 for all our jobs. This minimum is low in the concrete world. If your budget is significantly less than that, consider taking advantage of our affordable monthly pricing options, including 0% interest for 12 months.

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Industry Leading 10-Year Limited Warranty*

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So that you can worry less and enjoy more

Most warranties you will find range from 1-5 years. As part of our efforts to go above and beyond for our customers, we back all of our work with an Industry Leading 10 Year Limited Warranty

*State of Florida limited to 3-year limited warranty

Choosing The Right Contractor is Important

The one guarantee for all concrete projects, no matter what, is that the concrete will get hard! So who you choose matters because you only have one chance to get it right. There is no such thing as "touch-ups" in the concrete world.

Concrete is an industry that requires certain premium expenses, regulations, experience, and materials that are not ever sold at discounts. Your suspicions of the cheapest guy are usually right!

You will get a wide spectrum of prices for the same project, differing usually in thousands of dollars. But why is there such a large divide in the price ranges that you get? Here's what's really going on:

High and Dry

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High and Dry: Did you know that if your contractor doesn't pay his/her bill to the concrete supplier, the concrete supplier is legally allowed to put a lien on your property until your bill is paid?  What you thought was a good deal at the time will now be very expensive.

Beware the Bait and Switch

Contractor stamping concrete

Oftentimes concrete contractors will provide what seems like a low and fair quote, only to raise the price on you at the end for "additional costs," driving the total up to actual market value.

The $5/square foot myth

contractor smoothing finished concrete

The mythical $5 per sq ft to replace and re-pour new concrete does NOT exist, for any sort of job with quality and customer service. Avoid seeking out this pricing as this is one of the biggest misconceptions that exists in residential concrete pricing.


Concrete costs and job pricing are challenging to publish for different reasons.

Every job is different and the input needed to produce a job will vary as well. If you want a job accurate quote contact us today to receive your free quote or check out our Financing Calculator for other options.

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